N.V. Battery Limited Partnership is a leading battery manufacturer in Thailand since 1978. Initially we were manufacturing motorcycle flooded batteries mainly for the local market. Our eventual success in this market prompted us to extend our product line into maintenance free motorcycle batteries as well. We are now manufacturing both types of motorcycle batteries plus sealed lead acid batteries for a wide range of deep cycle applications – e.g. emergency lighting system, Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), etc.


Initially, we imported our technology from Japan. During the 25+ some hard working years, we have transformed to be a dedicated quality battery manufacturer with in house engineering proficiency. We have succeeded in a number of projects on product improvements and custom product developments by our local professional engineers. We are quite proud of achieving a level of professionalism through our years of dedication in this industry.

In addition to our technical proficiency, we are also a vertically integrated manufacturer with our very own electro-plate facility that is vital for efficient control on producing high quality lead electro-plates, which is the core element for a wide range of battery applications.

The same strict quality management standards and procedure used in our electro-plate operation, is also extended into our assembly lines and QC operations. Our product lines have been constantly expanding in response to market demands; our markets henceforth have undergone the same rate of expansion throughout all 5 continents.

Our sister company, Tiger Star Communication Co., Ltd. was created in 1999 as a marketing arm of N. V. battery to provide professional and quality customer services for the local market. It is now a fully independent battery distributor in Thailand as well as engaging in other strategic products relating to the battery industry.