Chairman Mission Statement

"Looking Back Marching Forward"

It was some 30 years ago when we first started our battery manufacturing business in Thailand. We had a simple business goal - to meet the local market demands on SLA (sealed lead acid battery) and motorcycle batteries; but there was one important mission behind our simple business goal - to be a quality oriented manufacturer in this industry. In order to fulfill our dream, we imported the technical know-how from Japan, and had our 40 plus staff diligently trained by the experts from abroad. Our working days were long and hard; there were things to be learnt; problems to be solved; order to be filled and customers to be serviced.

Our biggest payoff for the long, hard working days came some 10 years down the road. We noticed not only our local business was enjoying a healthy growth, but we were also steadily attracting many overseas customers taking interests in our products. We have been expanding our business ever since, both in manufacturing capacity as well as in product lines. We also built our own factory in 1994 in order to better manage the rapidly rising production activities.

At the turn of the century, e-commerce becomes the buzzworld. It took away the national trade boundary, and changed the way people conducting business. Without exception, N.V. Battery had also taken appropriate steps adjusting to the new era of business environment. In the past, we had mainly played the role as a 'manufacturing oriented' company serving largely the local community; and we had proved that we are very good at that.
With the fading of the national trade boundary, we must 'Think Global, Act Local', by that I mean we needed to extend our focus to the international market place, listening closely to the called of global needs, and equipping ourselves to meet a wider range of demands by the international community.